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Our Process

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Throughout these phases of construction, there will be multiple sites and budget meetings where we are there to help you with decisions and budget issues to ensure we remain on task. This will be elevated to another level with our online construction management portal that serves as the home base to almost every aspect of the build from budget tracking to selections and all the communication that will go with it. To learn more about our unique management software click here.


Needs Assessment

One of the most critical elements to getting off on the right foot is to fully understand exactly what you are wanting, and it’s much more than just a house plan. Why are you building this house? What features of a home are important to you? There are many questions to ask to find out how you live and how this home can serve you the best. Also, if you have a lot or need help looking at one, we can help! Making sure the lot and the plan are compatible with each other is a very important step!


Plan Exploration and the “20-Minute Dirty Budget”

If you don’t have a plan already then we can explore some styles and sizes that appeal to you. Once we find one you like, we start the “20-Minute Dirty Budget”. My goal here is to give you a very rough line item budget based on the plan that has a bunch of presumptions about the finished quality.

It’s a conversation starter to talk about price. This will allow me to gauge reactions and talk about where the costs go into building a home. This also allows us to talk about the desired budget that you are wanting to stay within. This will allow us to help guide you to the plan that will get you the right mix of size, quality, and budget.


Plan Development and Pricing

During this phase, we will help you through finalizing the plans and getting our budget firmed up. We have an open book policy for our pricing and budgets. We have nothing to hide and believe the budget is a partnership with contractor and homeowner to ensure we get the right mix of budget and quality.



We are ready to start building! We simplify the construction phase into three areas:


Site Work

Your lot will have its own set of unique qualities and potential issues. Our goal is to ensure a quality and lasting foundation. No corners cut! Site costs are always variable and unknown so we try to plan for the worst and then hope for the best!


Rough Construction

Again, we have a no corners cut mentality. #1-grade lumber, engineered construction and all the elements needed to make this home well built and long-lasting.


Finish Stage

It’s time for the windows, cabinets, flooring, siding, light, tubs, paint, etc, etc, . . . all the Fun stuff! The reality for us is that all these choices are out of our hands. It’s all up to the homeowner! We have all the vendors ready to serve you and give you a hassle-free experience but if you want to go shopping and find other deals. . . go for it! Our promise is to make it look great! Of course, if you need help with color choices and design then we can certainly help you. We have interior designers and teams ready to serve you!


Home Completion

Your home is finished but we are not done with you yet! With anything new, there is a period of adjustment and fine-tuning to make sure everything is working as intended. We will be there every step of the way to ensure you settle in!

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