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Abram’s Creek

Abram’s Creek style homes inevitably bring to mind the classic, early 20th-century bungalows that arose from the Arts & Crafts movement. Features such as low-pitched roofs, exposed rafter tails, large front porches and larger masses of stone in columns, fireplaces, and foundation strike a more rustic, utilitarian tone than the Adirondack style which preceded it.

The Abram’s Creek by MossCreek hearkens back to the same architectural elements. The interior plan features two large bedrooms on the main level and a third on the upper level. An open living plan with vaulted ceilings in Kitchen/ Dining/ Great Room areas bring a lot of living into modest square footage.

Square Footage

Basement: 2,188 sqft
Main Level: 2,188 sqft
Upper Level: 916 sqft
Total: 5,152 sqft

Covered Porch: 888 sqft
Decks: 505 sqft

Price Point: ~$500,000



Main Level Plan
Upper Level Plan

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