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Custom Home Services

Custom Built Homes & New Construction

We build custom homes one hour around Knoxville, TN. Unique properties are our specialty, including lakes, rivers, mountaintops, and farms. We are experts at building in challenging environments. Schedule a consultation today!



We are a full-service design and build firm focusing on flexibility and customizable options to fit your needs and goals. We can package a solution that suits your needs and goals without the added waste!

A Range of preconstruction and in-build services

Plans Design – whether you have a plan or need help designing your vision, we can help. Often, pre-purchased plans need some additional help or re-work. We have you covered!

Engineering – all our homes are built to the above-code specifications no matter where we build. While a certain level of engineering is included, we offer more in-depth structural services to our clients who see the value in ensuring those details are checked and individualized to your particular situation.

Site plans, assessments, and surveys – difficult terrain can cause havoc on a budget and the process. Detailed site plans and surveys give us the accuracy we need on the front end to be able to plan for all the contingencies and issues that can and will arise.

Budgeting – an open, honest budgeting review is a big factor in client success. Being educated to understand where all the costs are going allows you to make informed decisions about your home.

Design services at all levels – do you need someone to help you from start to finish or do you just need help in a few areas? we allow a lot of flexibility here to ensure you are taken care of in the manner that suits you best.

Knoxville, TN Custom Homes


Unique properties require unique homes that will fit with the land. It also requires a unique builder. Our process ensures we identify those unique attributes, and design for efficiencies with the land, while also incorporating your unique style into the home. Our Knoxville custom homes are built for the way you live!

custom home builder in knoxville tn
custom home builders knoxville tn

Our Perfect Client



  • Family oriented. This is much more than a project, this is a long-term home that will be the center of living well and cherished memories.
  • Has concerns about complexity and finding a builder who can confidently address these.
  • Wants to find a team-based approach. A builder who will help them reach a goal, and solve problems in an environment of integrity and honesty.
  • Needs flexibility and wants to avoid the “one-process-fits-all” approach of the repetition builders.
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Matt Noss Custom Homes is a premier custom home builder working alongside MossCreek to provide customers with beautiful, quality custom homes. As a nationally recognized leader in rustic home design, modern farmhouses, and contemporary design homes, their work has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. By working with MossCreek, Matt Noss can connect customers to a design world beyond the ordinary.

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