Matt Noss is not your typical builder. Our projects are unique, challenging and one-of-a-kind. Whether its building a floating home, a rustic retreat off the side of a mountain, or a Modern style home, we tackle projects with all different themes and challenges.

matt noss custom homesWhat sets Matt Noss Construction apart from all other construction companies is that they are able to create amazing structures that are original and beautiful in addition to being functional and practical.

Matt Noss Construction offers a number of client services. As a general contractor, we possess immeasurable experience in your residential needs. Our expertise in new construction, home remodeling, renovation and home additions, makes us uniquely qualified for any of your residential developments.

Our reputation speaks for itself and is built on strong ethics, hard quality work and excellent customer service. By helping our customers achieve the vision they want, while still keeping costs in line with budgets, and maintaining top quality they are able to give their customers peace of mind that they will deliver exactly what they want on time and done right.

The Matt Noss Difference:
Professional Attitude - Outstanding Customer Service

They are committed to delivering exactly what their customers want, and always with the highest quality work and a keen attention to the most intricate details.

Matt Noss Construction approaches every project with a professional attitude and the outstanding customer service you want and deserve.

  • We develop innovative methods to all of our construction projects and take challenging problems and turn them into opportunities for creative solutions.

  • We embrace new practices, ideas, and ways of thinking, always maintaining a strong commitment to collaboration and open communication with our customers.


We are unique in our craftsmanship and always have your vision and best interest in mind.